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Basic Advanced Pro
Monthly pricing $39 $199 $499
Included employee referrers 10 100 500
Additional employees pricing p/m $15 per 5 $30 per 20 $40 per 50
Included Social “Community” referrals Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon

Jobs manager

Basic Advanced Pro
Post unlimited FREE jobs
Career site scraping/RSS feeds 1 site* 1 site Unlimited sites
Post to CareerOne FREE
Batch job processing -
Post to PeerBrief Community FREE Coming soon! Coming soon! Coming soon!

Referrals and Applications manager

Basic Advanced Pro
Job Referrals
Pro-active Talent Referrals - *
Social Media Referrals -
Referral Matching and Ranking
Referral Ratings
Talent Pooling Coming soon! Coming soon! Coming soon!

Rewards manager

Basic Advanced Pro
Rewards store -
Integrations with employee rewards and recognition programmes - *
Reward with cash and/or points Cash only
Reward every stage On success only
Reward classes -

Employment Branding Manager

Basic Advanced Pro
Company Profiles
JobAdvisor Integration
Branding Customisations - *
Social Media Advocacy Coming soon! Coming soon! Coming soon!

User Engagement (Gamification)

Basic Advanced Pro
Profiles - individual & teams
Leaderboards - individual & teams
Messaging & Notifications
Achievement badges
Level statuses
Action rewards

Systems Manager

Basic Advanced Pro
Data Analytics Module - *
Recruiter accounts 1 3 Unlimited
Dispute handling -


Basic Advanced Pro
API integrations - *
Email, Help & FAQs
Phone support -
Platinum Support - -
Client Success Manager - *

*Available at additional cost


All plans include a 30 day FREE trial. No Credit Card required


A great entry level tool to tap into and manage referrals

per month for up to 10 employees
$15 per month per 5 extra


An advanced solution to maximise the benefit of referrals

per month for up to 100 employees
$30 per month per 20 extra


An integrated and customisable full-featured solution

per month for up to 500 employees
$40 per month per 50 extra