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See an opportunity you want to go for? Manage all your applications and career moves straight from within PeerBrief. Create or attach a cover letter and your CV and send direct to the employer. Get notified at all stages and if you make the cut you can chat with the Company direct from your PeerBrief inbox. No black holes.


See an opportunity that’s not for you? Refer it to the people you know would love it so you can be rewarded for helping out your peers. Its good for them, good karma and good for the bank balance.


Earn cash, rewards and good karma. Companies reward you for helping your peers find their dream job with a mixture of points, cash and prizes. You can also earn badges, compete in the leaderboards, collaborate with your friends and donate earnings to charity.

Search - coming soon!

Use our powerful search & matching engines to discover your dream job. We’ll highlight the positions that match your expertise. As we learn more about you, and your network, we will notify you of the jobs that are most relevant to you and your peers.

Get alerted

We'll notify you when new jobs match your skill set. If you know someone else who is right for the job, refer them and get rewarded.

Grow your team

Join a team and you'll get a share of the rewards when anyone makes a referral! Grow your team & increase your chances of getting rewarded.


Compete with other referrers to improve your score and rating. Gain respect and you may get drafted into a better team!

Chat with your connections

From your PeerBrief inbox you can chat with companies you've applied for and people you've referred to jobs. Stay informated and get organised.

Treat yourself

Spend the points you earn for looking at and referring jobs in our rewards store. Save up for that special experience of product you've been eyeing off.

Get noticed - coming soon!

Build a strong CV and attract the right companies. You can choose to keep your name and personal details hidden until you want to reveal them.

How do referrals work?

How PeerBrief works
How PeerBrief works - step one
Step one
Get notified about jobs that you’re likely to know people for, based on what you do.
How PeerBrief works - step two
Step two
Refer up to 3 people you know and personally invite them to apply.
How PeerBrief works - step three
Step three
Earn points, cash & good karma for every referral action. Redeem points for prizes.
It's free and rewarding to find, apply or refer jobs on PeerBrief.